Why Hire a Professional to Clear Buildable Land

Many customers imagine building their dream home on a beautiful, ever-stretching property with few trees and flat land. Although achievable, finding already cleared land to do so is a bit of a challenge. Most of the time, land purchased is densely populated with trees, brush, and overgrown vegetation. Before building, landowners must find a reputable company that can successfully remove what is needed to start laying the foundations of a new home or business.

Long Hill Contracting, LLC has professionally served the Somerset County area with over 30 years’ experience, helping residents achieve their dreams one job at a time. Our staff of talented professionals will work with you from start to finish, first developing a plan for the job and then eloquently executing your goals and delivering the finished product.

You have the land; now where do you begin? 

The start to any project should be researching the proper contractors for the job or jobs that need to be completed. Extensively researching companies before hiring one enables you to feel confident throughout the entirety of the process, through job completion and even beyond. Doing the job right the first time is important for future security and comfort, especially when the company hired is lying the proper foundations for your new endeavor, whether it be a business, dream home or other life vision. In Somerset County, Long Hill Contracting, LLC has a great reputation of providing friendly, honest service that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, which begins as soon as you make that first phone call. During an on-site review, upon which an estimate will be given, our staff is extremely attentive to detail and will make sure that your visions and goals are laid out in a real, attainable plan that will meet your ultimate land-clearing goals. Long Hill Contracting, LLC has what it takes to complete any task in a thorough, time appropriate and highly satisfactory manner.

Evaluation of the property and an estimate

If you decide to receive an estimate from Long Hill Contracting, LLC to clear your land, we will set an appointment to evaluate the property. During the evaluation, our staff will visually and physically evaluate the property to determine what equipment is needed, how much time the job will take, and if there are any obstacles that need to be handled prior to the job beginning (permits, surveys, et.).We promise to give the fairest, most cost-effective estimate that will help you achieve your goal.

Getting Started

To accomplish building plans on covered land, trees, brush and other vegetation need to be cleared. Often, on land that has not been occupied, it is nearly impossible to travel through areas that are overgrown, nonetheless build an entire structure. To lay the foundations of a building, trees must be uprooted, including stumps grinded, brush must be cleared, and dirt must be leveled properly before cement can be poured.

If not done properly, structures built can face devastating loses, such as improper foundation laying, trees damaging parts of the structure from a fall, and overgrowth of vegetation which can cause wood-boring insects and unwanted moisture.

Long Hill Contracting, LLC has the right equipment to clear land, from thick canopy of trees, to prickly, wild brush and the smoothing and leveling of ground dirt. Our land-clearing experts will safely rid and dispose of unwanted natural elements on your land and create a fresh start to building your new structure.

How do I contact LHC?

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We look forward to developing a lasting relationship with you, whether you are a new customer or returning. Our loyalty to customer satisfaction and a job well-done will make a lasting impression from the first click on our website, to the final look at a project completed. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

We come from three generations in the construction industry with over 30 years of experience in civil construction; honesty and trustworthiness is a virtue instilled in our family. This is the model of how we do business.