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Grading of soil to a designed plan takes skill, we are fine grade specialist, we take on the most difficult of grading projects to produce excellence in a timely manner.

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Grading Projects

Dreams of making property development a reality can often require mounds of hard work, and dirt! When planning ventures such as site development, property renovations or even beautification projects, one must consider the necessity of grading services. Long Hill Contracting, LLC is a fine grading specialist, taking your vision and developing it carefully and meticulously. Our extremely skilled operators grade soil to your specific design requests, paying extra close attention to detail all the way down to the last grain of soil.

“Whether a large property, or a small space, our grading specialists will transform the area into exactly what you are dreaming it to be.”

With the real estate market booming, site developers and homeowners are overflowing with creativity as they make plans to upgrade, renovate and build onto new and old properties. While these plans are ambitious, the road to reality requires the help of experienced and knowledgeable machine operators and grading specialists.

Finding a grading specialist that possesses the skill, work ethic, attention to fine detail, and accessibility to precision equipment can be a tough fete. However, Long Hill Contracting, LLC is guaranteed to make your decision to use our reputable services an easy one. Our locally owned company has serviced the needs of business and homeowners alike, garnishing hundreds of positive reviews and satisfactory project fulfillments.  Our talented staff completes jobs that require land be evaluated, precisely designed and graded to perfection. Long Hill Contracting, LLC is committed to customer satisfaction while performing honest, hard work safely and efficiently.

A member of our team will perform an evaluation on the area, provide you with a reasonable and fair estimate, and execute the work in a professional manner. If you are interested in using our grading services, please contact us to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you on your special project!

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Dave is very professional and provided the detailed estimated and completed the work as discussed and work was completed in timely fashion. ” 

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