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Long Hill Contracting, LLC offers grading and property clearing services. Our specialists have the knowledge and equipment to ensure that your property is cleared of trees and other vegetative material and removed from the property leaving it ready for site work. Our team has over three decades of experience so you can trust us to do the job with integrity and accuracy.

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Property and Land Clearing services

Buying a new piece of property can be exciting, until the realization kicks in: what do you do with all the trees and brush? Site developers and home buyers can find clearing of a property to be an exceptionally difficult task as there is more to it than just chopping down trees.

Long Hill Contracting, LLC provides customers with quick and meticulous tree, brush and vegetation clearing and removal, while also offering grading services. As you are dreaming up site plans, let our staff work on getting the property polished and ready for building or renovation.

We look forward to working with you and, most importantly, to building a business relationship that will last far beyond the last cut tree.

There are many things around your new property that you can attempt to do on your own, but you’re going to want a professional to tackle a large amount of tree, brush and vegetation clearing and removal. What could take you days, or even weeks to accomplish, our team of experienced employees can clean-up in no time. With over 30 years of experience, our staff is ready to make your site development dreams a reality quickly, safely, and securely. By utilizing appropriate equipment, machines and technology our staff can properly clear and remove unwanted natural goods from your property.

Unlike most companies in the industry, Long Hill Contracting, LLC offers the use of precision instruments, specifically geared toward grading and clearing property or areas of land for site development or personal use. And, just like our machinery, our staff preforms honest work. We pride ourselves on integrity, respect, and fairness as we work with you to achieve your property clearing goals.  Not to mention, our competitive prices will have you choosing us for future jobs, repeatedly.

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“He arrived on time at 8 AM and worked non-stop all day. I was blown away, he transformed my back 8 acres clearing away Russian Olive plants, pulling them right out of the ground with a machine that didn't tear up the existing turf. As promised in the estimate, he went back cleared up the loose debris and smoothed out the soil. It was beautiful. His work is amazingly detailed, so fast and a nice..nice guy. This guy really cares about the quality of his work. You’ll be lucky if every contractor you hire is this honest and good at his job.”-

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