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Whether you are installing a new system, need a repair, or are replacing an existing system, Long Hill Contracting, LLC can assist you with your septic system needs. A failing septic system can result in damage and contamination to your property. Long Hill Contracting, LLC partners with experienced professional engineers to install an effective septic system that you can rely on for years to come.

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Professional Septic System Installations

Many homes in the Hunterdon / Somerset County, NJ area are equipped with a septic system or require having one. Whether you are installing new, repairing or removing a septic system, it is important to hire a reputable company in order to perform the proper work. Otherwise, costly damage and even contamination can occur.

Long Hill Contracting, LLC is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced technicians who have been exposed to numerous scenarios and situations, providing them with exceptional hands-on experience for all septic needs. 2020 has brought forth a massive surge in home selling and buying, which also brings more business to industries specializing in septic installation, repair and removal. Scenarios that can be encountered include, contamination of soil from a leaky tank, the need to upgrade a tank, general septic repairs, and even installing a brand-new septic to newly built upon land. Our staff can make what feels like a big endeavor seem flawless and less worrisome, providing seamless service and satisfying results.

“Long Hill Contracting, LLC adheres to OSHA guidelines while providing exceptional employee training in order to ensure a safe and professional working environment in the office and in the field.”

When a septic system needs to be repaired, replaced or removed, the company you choose matters. Although costs to complete the project is important, so is choosing a company that has a reputation for completing satisfactory projects efficiently and correctly. Long Hill Contracting, LLC is an active member of (NEHA) National Environmental Health Association

We have completed many septic system installations and repairs, the projects have outstanding reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers. We provide fair, honest and affordable estimates, achieve customer relationships through goal-oriented conversations and execute flawless work in a timely manner.

Whether you are closing on your home, upgrading your property or purchasing new, Long Hill Contracting, LLC will provide a solution for all of your septic-related needs.

National Environment Health Associatio

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