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Long Hill Contracting, LLC performs home heating oil tank removal to help you to safely clean your property. A leaking underground oil tank can wreak havoc to your property if not addressed in a timely and effective manner. At Long Hill Contracting, LLC, we are experts at removing oil tanks with special attention to the safety and cleanliness of your property. Using innovative tools and techniques of the industry, LHC will quickly and effectively remove even the most difficult to access tanks. Our experts are New Jersey DEP licensed and can help you rest easy knowing your property and family are safe.

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Professional Oil Tank Removal

Oil tank removal can become a daunting and even nightmarish task; with the unknown becoming the scariest factor. Underground tanks can be hard to access and, therefore, even harder to assess. Tank leaks, undetected and otherwise, can cause major collateral damage to the effected property, including thousands of dollars’ worth of environmental remediation, especially if removed improperly. It is extremely important to use a company who makes safety, integrity and efficiency a top priority.

Long Hill Contracting, LLC will tackle your oil tank removal needs from start to finish, ensuring a safe and fully up to code environment for all your future endeavors.

“Our customers expect the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge and work and we, at Long Hill Contracting, LLC, will give them nothing less than what is asked of us, and more.”

While faced with the task of removing an oil tank, whether due to selling your home or upgrading your property, many questions come to mind like: How do I begin? Who do I contact? What company would serve me the best?

Long Hill Contracting, LLC will not only answer any questions you may have but will also provide the highest standard of work while providing deep attention and care to the handling of all oil tank removal sites.

Customers in Hillsborough, New Jersey and the surrounding counties have utilized our oil tank removal services, depended on our staff to carefully execute oil tank removal jobs and trusted our company to gracefully fix any issues that may arise.

Not only do we adhere to OSHA and NJDEP safety guidelines, but we also take special care to provide the best customer service, creating a lasting working relationship and long-standing, satisfactory results.

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“Dave was honest and transparent from the quoting phase all the way through the project. We needed to have an abandoned tank removed from our property before it’s sale. He got the permit and scheduled the job and in 1 day on site it was completed. He took the time and made the effort to ensure my property was as intact after he was done. I would highly recommend Dave and Long Hill Contracting for any job big or small.”

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