What Are the Signs of a Bad Septic System?

Maybe you have just bought a home. During the inspection, the septic tank passed with flying colors. Or maybe you have lived at your home for many years, enjoying lots of toilet flushes with no issues. But, then one day, you see water backing up in your yard and your basement….and it’s not even raining!

Chances are that your septic system is failing.

Besides the presence of water, there are six other things to look out for when determining if a septic system needs to be repaired or replaced.

  • Drains are holding water as if they are clogged- When you see that the bathtub, shower and sink drains are moving water very slowly, this is an indication that something may be wrong with your septic tank or disposal field. It is not receiving and draining water like it is supposed to. 
  • You hear gurgling sounds and it’s not your stomach- Bubbling-like sounds that come from the plumbing system is never a good sign. This means that fluid and solid waste are essentially trapped with no real place to go but back into your pipes. 
  • You see standing water- If there is water by the septic tank drainage field your septic system is not draining properly. There could be a clog and the system could be over-flowing and unable to process the waste properly. 
  • That Stinks!Literally. The smell of sewer around pipes and your backyard is a huge indicator that your septic system is failing to properly function. There should never be waste in your backyard, well, unless it’s from your dog. 
  • You notice beautiful grass growth- Although your grass may finally be looking greener than your neighbors, it may not really be a good thing. If you have lush, vividly green grass growing over your septic field, its being fertilized by something other than Miracle Grow. The pipes may not be draining the septic properly and backing up  
  • Unnatural levels of Nitrates or Coliform are testing in your well water- When septic systems fail, a lot more can be affected besides your yard and your wallet. Run-offs into drinking water pose as health risks to humans and animals alike. This may be an indication that you have a leak in your septic system.

If your septic system has failed, it may be time for an upgrade. Long Hill Contracting, LLC provides professional, cost-effective services for the replacement of your septic tank and the installation of a new system.

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