3 Reasons to Grade Your Property

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Long Hill Contracting, LLC has over 30 years’ experience, servicing Somerset, Hunterdon, and surrounding New Jersey counties. Over the years, customers have asked questions regarding our services, the most common being, “What is grading?” and “Why do I need to grade my property?”. We have complied the top three most important reasons why grading your property is essential for long-term health of your land.

First, let us answer the question, “What is grading?”. Grading is a term used to describe leveling land. It is important that, after excavation has taken place, the ground is properly leveled to control water drainage, build a foundation, or work toward another construction goal. When grading, operators are focusing on moving dirt from higher areas of the property to fill in lower ones. This, especially in the future, works to control several factors relating to the landscape and integrity of the property.

So, why do you need to grade your property?

  • Water drainage- Water drainage should be a top concern for property owners, particularly those who are looking to build a residential or commercial building on the land. Proper grading techniques enable land to be sloped away from the construction site, allowing drainage for construction and the building once completed. If grading is not done at all or not performed correctly, variated land and standing water can cause major issues for buildings such as flooding inside and outside of the structure.


  • Landscaping- When planning to build a structure, it should be in the plans to make the surrounding areas look appealing. This can be accomplished with grading. Grading is performed to level and smooth dirt, removing differences in elevations of land on the property during construction. Smooth areas can later be turned into essential parking lots or be used as an appealing backyard for homeowners.


  • Building- Construction workers are not able to lay a level foundation when the land being used has not been graded. To lay concrete, the dirt at the construction site must be leveled flat, that way the home or structure being built will be sturdy and level. After all, you don’t want your home to be leaning!

Long Hill Contracting, LLC recommends grading to all landowners who are looking to build a structure or use the site recreationally. To achieve long-term proper drainage goals, prevent floods and have a sturdy structure, you must find a reliable company who guarantees satisfactory work. Long Hill Contracting, LLC, with over 30 years of experience, has provided successful, satisfactory project completions using state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff. 

When looking to grade your property, look no further than Long Hill Contracting!

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